Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A global India????


A global India!

In what sense?

Does the ever-increasing numbers of outward-bound indians, qualify for India being a global nation?

Does availability of brussel sprouts and thyme with the local green grocer make India a global nation?

Does the surge in numbers of 'World Schools' in our metros make us a global nation?

Does making films with Hollywood-style special effects make us global?

Does learning to eat funny-named dishes from all over the world make us global citizens?

Still wondering!

What is it that made us call ourselves a global nation?

What is it about us that made the world ordain us a future superpower?

The average indian still sleeps on the pavement, eats and shits on the pavement.

The average indian is still unaware of the happenings around the world. ( So, of course he is unaware that he is a citizen of a future superpower and must talk and behave a certain way).

The average indian still struggles to make a living.

The average indian persists being a pawn in the larger game of governance. He has no power over his destiny which rests in the hands of the rich and mighty.

On the other hand, the above average indian lives in a world of make-believe. He lives in India but pretends he is abroad.

He lives in apartment blocks with names like 'The Close'; his apartment is centrally-airconditioned with a jacuzzi, a garbage -chute, CCTV cameras and a lot of other trappings that he once fancied in his NRI cousin's house.

He sends his young children to a school where they celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving.

For higher education he sends his older children abroad- US, UK, Australia, NZ anywhere abroad will do.

He spends every vacation abroad, each time a different exotic destination so that his children soak up the culture of the place.

He and his family are as alienated from the supposedly 'future superpower i.e. India' as the average indian on the pavement.

Is there really someone out there who is still proud to be living in the country of his birth?
Doesn't seem like it!

The man on the pavement realises that hard work is his only salvation. His sense of pride comes from being able to feed his family two square meals a day.
The above average indian is anyway only 'passing his time ' in India, in between vacations abroad. He uses the first opportunity he gets to bad-mouth India.
It is finally the middle class indian who is weighed down by all the feelings of 'pride for country'. He is the educated, thinking indian who is aware of the country's rich culture etc. and takes pride in it.
He believes to his core that India is actually capable of becoming a 'future superpower', more so because he sees himself as being the cause in the matter.
He instills pride for the country in his children by sending them to schools instilling indian values and culture.
His children go on to study in the best indian institutions of higher learning because he believes that these are superior to any institution abroad.
He religiously pays his taxes, abides by all rules and regulations, knowing no other way of being.
It is he who participates vehemently in media debates about where the country is heading and what the government should be doing.
Consequently it is he who feels the greatest shame with the entire CWG mess.
He is the one who feels the most let down by the manner in which the national pride has been vandalised.
Is this the use to which his hard earned money has been put to? Has it filled the bank accounts of Kalmadi and Co..?
There could have been a million different developmental projects accomplished with 70,000 crores.
A million different dreams fulfilled, a million different smiles distributed.
What could have been!!!
Is there any point to this debate now?
Have we not brought this upon ourselves?
Pride in our 'chalta hai' attitude! CRAP!!
Has it not led us to this day?
We no longer strive for excellence in anything, 'coz we take pride in 'sab chalta hai'!
Sad state to be in. Really hopeless situation for every 'proud indian', the true indian!