Friday, May 29, 2015

A pen

Je suis un stylo.
I am a pen.
Just that!
Of no potency.
Unless, put to paper.
It's then that the magic unfolds.
From deep within the soul
pour out emotions.
Feelings buried in the inner recesses of the heart,
find their way up!
Beliefs get worded.
Opinions get firmed. Minds are made.
Words find their way to the brim.
And......the voice is found.

I, an innocuous, banal, benign pen, have different forms.
I may be a painter's brush,
a caricaturist's charcoal,
a cartoonist's nib,
or I may be a blogger's keyboard.

In any form, all I do, is liberate, for
Finding a voice is therapeutic,
It's orgasmic, it's freedom.
Freedom to self-express.
Freedom to let loose into space the confined thought or belief.
Freedom to convey through words.
Words that exist only in language.
Words that are confined to language.
They are not arrows
They do not pierce.
They are not nooses
They do not strangle.
They are not knives
They do not stab.
They are not bullets
They do not kill.
They are just that, W...O...R...D....S, words.

Any harm they cause exists again-
only in language, only in W...O....R....D....S, words.
They are not set in stone.
They change with a changing individual.
They evolve with an evolving being.
They can be taken back, played around with, changed, negated, let loose again.
That's the fun. Enjoy them.

You play around with them too.
Let's debate, discuss, argue, fight a words war.
Let innocuous, banal, benign words
fly around, from all sides, if need be.
Let them move around freely.
Like little honey bees moving in and out of the hive.
Stinging when interfered with.
But harmless most of the time.
You don't kill honey bees with bullets.
It's foolhardy.

Je suis un stylo.
I can fight wars too.
Innocuous, banal, benign word wars.
Pick me up.
Let's fight an equal war.

Je suis Charlie Hebdo.