Thursday, June 23, 2011

These are a few of my favourite things

Sharing a few of my favourite things.
Kerala, Goa, Capri,
My favourite hotspots.
It is my dream
to live in a house
near the beach, white picket fence et al
with squirrels scurrying in and out.
( Squirrels on a beach, do they really exist?
Who cares, they do in my dream!)
Reading my favourite book
- Gone with the wind
Sipping coffee, Starbucks preferably
perched on a hammock
under a huge shady tree.
( Shady tree on a beach!!)
Or maybe solving word puzzles
Scrabble, Hangman and Codeword
on the perch of my bookshop
- The Children's Bookshop.
And guess what,
it begins to rain.
Bringing with it the smell of wet mud,
the cool showery watery breeze,
the sound of dripping raindrops,
the fresh clean-looking leaves,
the promise of samosas and pakoras, bhuttas and garma-garam idlis.
Drizzling, drenching, pouring
totally invigorating.
Sometimes it may rain enough
to create a waterfall in the hills afar.
Paintbrush in hand,
I will try and capture it all,
Rains, waterfall, squirrels, books, hammock and children so small.
Or sometimes, the Sun may come out
colouring the sky in hues pink and blue.
Bringing with it a rainbow,
vibrant, subtle and new.
That's the vision of my idyllic dream
Coffee and colours, children and books, peace and bliss.
A song in the background
'These are a few of my favourite things'.


  1. Mudita,

    Read 2 posts. One little earlier but could not say anything as I had to go out and on return I found this one too. One should age gracefully but keeping healthy and fit. And this does not apply to premature aging, the later part does. I would say let women do what they wish to for projecting their image as younger after all they are still little girls at heart. But a time comes when grey or should I say white hair look so dignified. This poem is bound to give me lovely dream tonight. So tempting. How I wish it come true as much as possible!

    Take care

    PS : My id is in my profile, if you wish to contact.

  2. We are friends already, Gone with the Wind. This is a wonderful list except for Scrabble (I am a writer and therefore I collect words, but spelling is not something I do well. I am a slave to my dictionary). Then there is the coffee and the beach, nothing better than sipping that first cup watching the waves. Thanks for the visual this morning..(